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SQL/XML-IMDB is a native XML database and part of QuiLogic's information integration strategy to unify structured and unstructured data from sources such as relational databases, XML documents, flat files, spreadsheets and Web services (SOAP). With XML-IMDB, users can access relational data as if it were XML data; view and query data across heterogeneous information sources; access real-time info and search across xml text documents.


      SQL/XML-IMDB supports file based as well as in memory XML data processing.


      SQL/XML-IMDB relies on XQuery and can execute SQL queries too.


      Transfer Data between XML tables/files and SQL tables/files.



Integrates Relational and Xml Data

Combines the features of SQL and XQuery in one power package for universal data management. SQL queries can be freely mixed with XQuery, supporting seamless data exchange between relational data tables and xml files/tables, providing XML views over SQL data.



XML Views over SQL Data

One of the main features provided by SQL/XML-IMDB is the ability to create XML views of existing relational data. SQL/XML-IMDB does this by automatically mapping the data of the underlying relational database system to a low-level default XML view. Users can then create application-specific XML views on top of the default XML view.


       IMDB allows arbitrarily complex views and queries to be expressed, combining any number of sources, XML documents or relational data in one query.



XML Update

Supports Update, Delete and Insert functionality for XML data with an easy to use syntax comparable to the INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE semantics found in SQL.



XML Query Processor

Contains a XML query engine with build in dynamic optimizer. The XML IMDB dynamically re-optimizes plans during execution based on the actual size information of intermediate results.



High Performance XML Data Processing

Ultra fast loading and processing of XML files through our special indexing technology. XML-IMDB uses Reverse-Lookup indexing and Forward Dictionary Segment Build-Up indexing invented by QuiLogic, as well as traditional indexing technologies like hashing and trees.



XML File Data Cache

Caches file based XML data in memory tables (process local or shared) for ultra fast access.


  1. db.ExecXql("CREATE TABLE TX")
  2. db.ExecXql("LOAD 'book.xml' INTO TX")
  3. Process the cached data
  4. ...
  5. db.ExecXql("DROP TABLE TX")



XML IFilter

Crawl, index and search arbitrary structured xml files based on content.

Extends functionality of:


SharePoint Portal Server

SharePoint Team Service

MS Indexing Service

MS Site Server

Other Indexing Products


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