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XML IFilter is a dynamic link library that provides a bridge between any Microsoft Indexing client and files containing the xml data. When an indexing client needs to index content from documents it will look in the registry for an appropriate filter DLL based on the type of the document file name extension (.doc, .xml ). By using the included RAD tool, users can visually specify the file extensions assigned as well as the content and properties to extract. That information is written into a configuration file to drive the filter DLL at indexing time and to update the registry based association between document extensions and indexing filters.





       The Design tool let you create multiple filter descriptions. Each description is assigned an individual indexing condition. The condition is used by the filter DLL to probe an xml file during the file scan. The file is indexed with a particular filter description only when the probing passed successfully the condition.


       It is possible to scan xml files having the same extension, but totally different xml content and structure!


       The user assigns each filter description a set of individual properties to be retrieved during the xml document scan. The data content of the returned property is individually laid down by the user, taking into account the structure of the underlying xml document.


       XML IFilter let you fine tune the indexing of *any* xml based document with individual internal structure and file name extension.



High performance in-memory native xml database component with SQL and XQuery interface, transaction and multi-threading support.


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