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For the first time ever, XML IFilter enables crawling of documents containing xml based data.


Our filter technology enables users to search and index arbitrary structured xml files based on content. Likewise VISIO or Excel files can be saved as xml files and indexed with the help of our XML IFilter component.

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Extending MS Indexing Service

XML IFilter extends the standard functionality of Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), Microsoft Share Point Portal Server (SPS), and all other products based on top of Microsoft Indexing Service Technology.


Visual RAD Designer included

XML IFilter contains a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool which let you visually design and test your indexing application. No coding is required. The RAD tool takes care to generate all necessary registry entries and definition files for you.


Ease of Use

With only 4 simple Steps you setup a full XML indexing solution.

The included RAD tool let you visually design and specify which data to extract for each returned property. It might be either the content of a single element or any combination of attribute and element values including the names of elements in any order.


Supported Systems

Technical Requirements

Extracted Information

ü        Microsoft Share Point Portal Server®


ü        Microsoft Share Point Team Services®


ü        Microsoft Windows® Indexing Service


ü        Microsoft Site Server®


ü        All other products based on Indexing Technology


XML IFilter is self-contained and requires no other additional products to install!

*Name and text content of any element.


*Name and text content of any attribute.


*Date, time, numeric and bool content from any element and attribute.


Recognizes all usual character sets used by xml files (UTF8, UTF16 …).





High performance in-memory native xml database component with SQL and XQuery interface, transaction and multi-threading support.


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