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for easy XML File Indexing and Crawling


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Ø      Build in “Probing Technology”. Enables specific crawling and indexing of multiple, arbitrary structured xml files with different content but having the same file name extension.


Ø      Build in facility to “normalize” the returned property text to a common string. A typical example might be the indexing of telephone numbers as shown below.


343-6790-555 or #343-6790-555 or ‘343 6790 555’ can be normalized to: 3436790555


Ø      Assign more than one file extension to “common structured” XML files.


Ø      Visual RAD Designer included for developing indexing solutions without coding.


Ø      Designer takes care to set the required registry entries as needed.


Ø      Designer creates required property definition files for SPS, ASP and WEB search applications.


Ø      Build in facility to create “Abstracts” from totally different locations in the XML Data.


Ø      Precisely specify and fine tune the returned content for “full text” indexing.


Ø       Testing facility included to aid in developing indexing solutions.


Ø      Installation program included for quick and easy setup.


Ø      Enterprise edition contains full C++ Source code for the IFilter implementation.







High performance in-memory native xml database component with SQL and XQuery interface, transaction and multi-threading support.


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